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2014-2017 Information


2017 Information

Dec 21 Community Update
Dec 15 Ecological Risk Assessment
Ecological Risk Assessment Appendices
Nov 17 Likely Community Meeting: Human Health & Ecological Risk Assessments
Nov 16 Williams Lake Community Meeting: Conceptual Remediation Plan
Nov 16 Mount Polley: Public Liaison Committee
Oct 5 Mount Polley: Public Liaison Committee
Sep 29 Likely Community Meeting: Communication Plan Consultation
Sep 7 Mount Polley Site Tour
Aug 31 Community Update
Jun 14 Mount Polley: Public Liaison Committee
May 11 Human Health Risk Assessment
May Community Update
Apr 05 TetraTech Memo on Sediment Resuspension
Mar Community Update
Feb 16 Mount Polley: Public Liaison Committee
Feb 14 4Q2016 Report for Permit 11678

2016 Information

Dec Community Update
Dec 23 Polley Flats Copper Geochemical Conceptual Model
Nov Community Update
Nov 10 3Q2016 Report for Permit 11678
Oct Community Update
Oct 26-30 Community Meetings for Residents of Quesnel, Williams Lake, Horsefly, Big Lake, Likely
Sept 7 Mount Polley Tour for Likely Residents & Likely Community Meeting
Aug 11 2Q2016 Report for Permit 11678
Aug Community Update
Jul Community Update
July 7 Likely Community Meeting
Jun 30 Technical Memo on Sediment Deposition Assessment
Jun 21 Update Report: Post-Event Environmental Impact Assessment Report (83.60 Mb)
Jun Community Update
May 25 Likely Community Meeting
May 13 1Q2016 Report for Post-TSF Breach Monitoring Plan
May Community Update
Apr 16 Long Term Water Management Planning Workshop, Williams Lake Indian Band Gymnasium
Apr 8 Technical Memo on DGT Results
Apr Community Update
Mar Community Update
Feb 15 4Q2015 Report for Post-TSF Breach Monitoring Plan
Feb Community Update
Jan 21 Quesnel Community Meeting
Jan 20 Williams Lake Community Meeting
Jan 19 Likely Community Meeting
Jan 7 Community Update

2015 Information

Dec SRK Consulting: Update on Geochemical Characterization of Spilled Tailings
Dec 9 Williams Lake Community Meeting
Dec 7 Likely Community Meeting
Nov Short Term Water Discharge Permit
Nov 3Q2015 Report for Post-TSF Breach Monitoring Plan
Nov Quesnel Lake Water Clarity at Lake Overturn - Fall 2015
Nov Rehabilitation Strategy Update
Nov 3 Mount Polley Tour for Likely Residents & First Nations
Oct Golder Report: Forest Conditions and Die-Back in Areas of Thicker Tailings Deposition
Sep 2Q2015 Report for Post TSF-Breach Monitoring Plan
Aug 27 Quesnel Community Meeting
Aug 26 Williams Lake Community Meeting
Aug 24 Likely Community Meeting
Jul Polley Lake Sampling Video
Jul Interior Health Update: Remaining Water Use Restrictions Lifted
Jul Province authorizes restricted re-start for Mount Polley Mine
Jun Hazeltine Creek Rehabilitation Update Video
Jun Post Event Environmental Impact Assessment Report (Summary)
Jun Post Event Environmental Impact Assessment Report (Appendices A-I)
Jun Water Quality Data
June 12 Mount Polley Tour for Likely Residents
May 13 Likely Community Meeting
Apr Rehabilitation of Hazeltine Creek Video
Apr Approach for Long-Term Water Management Plan Development
April 22 Williams Lake Community Meeting
April 1 Likely Community Meeting
Mar Water Quality Sample Collection Location Map: Quesnel Lake & Polley Lake
Mar Rehabilitation Strategy - Tailings Breach Update
Mar Water Management Planning
Feb Mount Polley Supports Scientific Research - Quesnel River Watershed
Feb Rehabilitation Strategy - Tailings Breach
Feb Early Life Stage Toxicity Test - Quesnel River Test Results
Feb 23 Horsefly Community Meeting
Feb 22 Likely Informal Drop-In
Jan Summary of Mount Polley Toxicity Testing Program
Jan 13 Likely Community Hall Meeting

2014 Information