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Mine & Project Sites

Red Chris Mine

The Red Chris mine is located 80 km south of Dease Lake and 18 km southeast of the village of Iskut. The mine operates year round. We utilize an air charter service for flights between Dease Lake airport and Richmond South Terminal, with designated marshalling points between. Our current workforce is 490 employees (35% First Nations; 16% female), with approximately 40% living in the surrounding northern communities. Most employees work a 2 week on/2 week off rotational schedule which can support a good work life balance. Employees live in camp during their shift, and are provided a private room, three meals a day and snacks. The camp has a commissary, recreation facility, games room, fitness room, TV room, areas for socializing, and public phones. Each room has satellite TV (48 channels) and Wi-Fi availability. The camp location and scenery in this remote area is truly remarkable.

The Red Chris camp and mine site maintains and enforces a zero tolerance for alcohol, drugs, verbal, physical abuse, or bullying. We are diligent in providing a safe work environment for all our employees.

Mount Polley Mine

The Mount Polley mine is located 8 km southwest of Likely and 100 km (by road) northeast of Williams Lake, BC. The mine operates year round. About 260 employees work at the mine, most living and commuting from the surrounding communities of Likely, Big Lake and Williams Lake. Employees can drive to the mine site, or commute via the daily scheduled mine bus. Commute time between Williams Lake and the mine site is approx 1.25 hours. Workers shifts vary depending on their department.

Huckleberry Mine

The Huckleberry mine is located 88 km west-southwest of Houston. Huckleberry mine operations were suspended August 2016. The mine will remain on care & maintenance until the economics of mining improve. When in operation, the mine is active year round, and employs approx. 280 people who live in camp during their shift. Workers shifts are typically 7x7 days or 4x3 days, depending on their department. Most employees reside in the communities of Smithers, Houston and Burns Lake. Shuttle buses are provided to transport employees from Houston to the mine site, an approximate 2 hour commute.

Ruddock Creek Project

Ruddock Creek project is located 80 km east of Clearwater. Work conducted at Ruddock Creek is seasonal due to accessibility to the property during the winter season. When the project is active, the camp can accommodate approx. 40 people.